Open Source Data from NGOs

Explore websites and databases containing open source data

In order to efficiently develop a project, it helps to be able to understand and analyze all of the existing relevant data. Because of this, we decided that logging all of this data in one easy-to-reach location would benefit all humanitarian groups looking to make an impact.

Since 2018, we’ve kept a table of useful websites that provide valuable data for humanitarian organizations. Through the open-source data hub, these resources can now be accessed by anyone who needs them.

If you have website suggestions to add to the open-source-data hub, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Map Action

Natural disaster data visualized on maps

MapAction published up to data data to answer questions like: Which area has been worst affected? Where are the most vulnerable people? What has happened to roads, railways and communication networks? Where are medical supplies and where are they needed most?

Reports | Maps

SDG tracker

Understand the progress of the sustainable development goals

Dive into any of the 17 SDGs and explore data which showcases if humanity is on track to reach the SDG targets.

Raw data | Interactive dashboards

VAM Food security analysis

Data to understand hunger

Explore multiple interactive dashboards full of data for all over the work to better understand the causes and locations of hunger.

Raw data | Interactive dashboard

Development Initiatives

How are aid resources raised and used?

The Development Initiatives data hub provides insights to enable better targeting of resources to end poverty. Through attractive interactive data visuals you can drill down into country level data which showcases how domestic and international aid resources are raised and used.

Interactive dashboards | Raw data | Reports


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